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jennifer barrass


I’m Jennifer Barrass, owner of The Organic Handkerchiefs Company®

I started sewing and selling my own organic cotton handkerchiefs in 2007 with the mission that disposable paper goods, like tissues, could be replaced with sustainable, organic alternatives that could last for several years.

Since 2007, The Organic Handkerchiefs Company®, a certified women-owned business, is now the largest producer and retailer of organic cotton handkerchiefs in the world.

An American and British dual national, raised in Louisiana, I understand first hand how when our oceans become polluted, it has devastating effects to the eco system and for many, a way of life. In my later adult years, I developed a strong appreciation for natural beauty while living in northern England, among the purple heather covered North Yorkshire moors.

The thought of disposable paper and plastic products strewn on such beautiful landscapes as well as our oceans, helped to guide me into minimizing waste by creating multi-use organic cotton handkerchiefs.

The multiple sizes and colors of the handkerchiefs chosen from GOTS certified organic fabrics were created with the entire family in mind as well as for multi-purpose uses around the home.