About us


I’m Jennifer, owner of The Organic Handkerchiefs Company®

I started sewing and selling my own organic cotton handkerchiefs in 2007 with the mission that disposable tissues could be replaced with sustainable, organic alternatives – organic cotton men’s handkerchiefs. Creating only organic handkerchiefs is better for the environment, as well as you, my valued customer. With The Organic Handkerchiefs Company®, you can be sure you will have the best quality organic cotton and organic flannel available!

Dedication to detail and customer satisfaction are the most important things to me. Now the largest producer of handmade organic handkerchiefs, The Organic Handkerchiefs Company® sells organic hankies all made in the USA.

Saving the trees is also very important to me. I love trees! Things of beauty and without them, we would not have breathable air to survive.