Inside scoop on Jennifer Barrass, Owner

Jennifer Barrass

Jennifer Barrass, Owner of The Organic Handkerchiefs Company

So you wanna know the juicy details about me, Jennifer Barrass, eh?

Ok. It was a sunny day on that 8th day in August when my mother gave birth to me. I recall that…no, I’m kidding!

I won’t bore you to death, either. Here’s a quick run down of my most important and hopefully, interesting facts:

Full name: Jennifer Barrass
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Now Lives: Tallahassee, Florida (but had been living in England for 17 years!) Really!
Family: 1 child and 1 husband, no pets
Hobbies: Reading, guitar, fictional and non-fictional writing, candle-making, soap-making, gardening, blogging
Interests: Learning new things, jazz, blues and classical music, saving our trees, eco-friendly and low impact living
Unusual interests: things carved out of wood, vintage kitchenalia, African and French interior design
Star sign: Leo
Favorite color: green
Favorite city: New Orleans
Favorite flower: Stargazer Lily
University attended: Graduated from the University of New Orleans

and finally…
Favorite ice cream scoop flavor: pistachio
(I did say this would tell you the inside scoop!)



Jennifer Barrass

The Organic Handkerchiefs Company

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