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Inside scoop on Jennifer, Owner


Jennifer, Owner of The Organic Handkerchiefs Company

So you wanna know the juicy details about me, eh?

Ok. It was a sunny day on that 8th day in August when my mother gave birth to me. I recall that…no, I’m kidding!

I won’t bore you to death, either. Here’s a quick run down of my most important and hopefully, interesting facts:

Family: 1 child and 1 husband, no pets
Hobbies: Reading, guitar, fictional and non-fictional writing, candle-making, soap-making, gardening, blogging
Interests: Learning new things, jazz, blues and classical music, saving our trees, eco-friendly and low impact living
Unusual interests: things carved out of wood, vintage kitchenalia, African and French interior design
Star sign: Leo
Favorite color: green
Favorite city: New Orleans
Favorite flower: Stargazer Lily
University attended: Graduated from the University of New Orleans

and finally…
Favorite ice cream scoop flavor: pistachio
(I did say this would tell you the inside scoop!)




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