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The Organic Handkerchiefs Company® was founded in 2007 with the intention of helping eco-conscious shoppers use less disposable paper products and make the switch from a paper facial tissue to using an organic cotton handkerchief.

The slogan of The Organic Handkerchiefs Company® is: Saving a tree one sneeze at a time!

The owner, Jennifer, is passionate about people of all ages making the switch from paper facial tissues and other paper disposable products to non-disposable goods, including the use of organic handkerchiefs. Some of Jennifer’s favorite trees are used to make paper facial tissues – tree species such as spruce, fir, aspen, maple and even eucalyptus. A typical household of four consume 2 trees every year when using non-recycled paper products. Facial tissues are made from paper pulp that comes from trees, a material that takes years or decades to grow. Logging practices degrade forests causing a loss of habitat and animals.

Jennifer suggests one simple solution is to try to use as many paper alternatives as possible and using her organic handkerchiefs instead of paper facial tissues is a good place to start!

The ethos behind The Organic Handkerchiefs Company® is the idea that as a society we should be using as few disposable products as possible. Jennifer, owner, loves the idea that something she created will be used time and time again. It doesn’t cost the earth or your wallet. Jennifer also wants to try to make using handkerchiefs a cool, hip thing to do; it’s not just for older generations. It is for everybody and that is why The Organic Handkerchiefs Company® makes their organic hankies in up to 5 different sizes to suit all ages.