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Using non-disposable goods: better for you and environment


Using non-disposable goods

is better for you and the environment

Using non-disposable goods instead of disposables will save you a small fortune over the years and will be so much better for the environment. The Organic Handkerchiefs Company promotes the use of organic handkerchiefs over paper facial tissues. This is better not only for the environment but also for you to save money in the long term.

In fact, I believe by using non-disposable goods your wallet could be £250 a year better off switching from ‘disposable’ goods like toilet roll, kitchen roll, facial tissues, cling film, regular batteries, disposable razors, paper plates, napkins, feminine hygiene products, sandwich bags, refuse sacks, plastic party cups, baby wipes, make up remover wipes, cleaning wipes, sponges, sticky sponge mop attachments, air fresheners to ‘non-disposable’ goods. So what kinds of products are out there to help you make the switch to start using non-disposable goods?

Well, off the top of my head, you could use tea towels / kitchen towels instead of kitchen roll (paper towels), handkerchiefs, preferably organic ones but I may be biased here, instead of paper facial tissues. Refrigerator dishes or Tupperware instead of cling film (saran wrap). Switch from regular batteries to re-chargeable ones. You could simply wash your plates instead of using paper plates and use lovely cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Switching to non-disposable goods is also so much better for the environment.

Feminine cloth pads are now available instead of maxi pads. There are now cloth sandwich bags available instead of plastic ones. And of course, you can use a hand wash small towel to clean your face with instead of using wipes. These are just some ideas but if you open your mind and start poking around the internet, you will come up with all sorts of alternatives. Yes, they cost a bit of money initially, but again, the savings over the course of 1 year could be massive and don’t forget, over several years this money compounds to even greater savings. I sincerely hope you’ve come away from reading this just a little bit richer!

Jennifer Barrass

The Organic Handkerchiefs Company

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